Contraction Accounting software is the financial heart of your company — keep it beating properly with our expert installation and configuration services. Network Resolutions provides:

  • Setup and installation that eliminates software conflicts and delivers the smoothest possible operation of your accounting software.
  • Multiuser security and authentication that provides easy access to those who need it — and denies potentially harmful access to those who don’t.
  • VPN and remote access configuration that enables you to utilize your software from any location — with the confidence and peace of mind that all proper security precautions are in place.
  • Custom reporting that delivers specific financial insights unique to your business — powerful knowledge that can help drive your company forward.



  • Construction Payroll
    Easily handle the demands of a construction payroll
  • Job Reporting
    Utilize comprehensive job reporting to efficiently manage your jobs
  • Customized Output
    Tailor and print financial statements to satisfy your business requirements
  • Cash Flow Management
    Keep tight control of your cash flow by easily managing your customer collections and vendor payments
  • Cost Coding
    Flexible cost coding by job, phase, cost code and cost type
  • Project Management
    Track labor productivity, analyze unit costs and manage subcontract relationships