We recognize that while the cost per gigabyte may be declining, the costs associated with staffing and management technologies associated with complex storage environments are increasing. Inefficient storage management delays application deployment, and prevents cost containment of storage expenditures. Inferior performance of storage infrastructures keep you from achieving the optimum performance and availability required to run the most complex computing operations.

Our Consulting Services will help your facility to fully realize the business value delivered by storage. 

Quest’s Storage Management Consulting Services include:

  • Implementation of storage technologies such as Storage Area Network
  • (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Remote problem & incident management
  • Optimize SAN usage & data load balancing
  • Elimination of replication and delays
  • SAN, NAS and Backup/Restore services
  • Storage Reporting Software and Automation
  • Enhanced business continuity through data striping, local mirroring, remote data copy and Backup/Restore services, vaulting and archiving services
  • Alert & problem escalation procedures.
  • Centralized Storage Management for the Data Center